Gold Miner

Blockchain harddrive for making money automaticly

Stable Mining | Data Persistence | Remote Control
1 ButtonExcavation
15WUltra power saving
4TBLarge capacity
30dBUltra quiet

Filecoin——The eye-catching star coin

Gold Miner——The most convenient Filecoin miner

Gold Miner share unused space and bandwidth based on IPFS protocol and form a blockchain
storage service platform,Provide token rewards to users.

Despite for mining, it is a 4TB blockchain hard disk Can back up the data of smart devices like cell phone, computer and Pad at anytime and anywhere. Can check your files and pictures and enjoy your videos or music online, needless to download them. Referring to your documents via multi-terminal, no matter whether you are at home, office or on the road. The information were encrypted and distributed in an IPFS network, Your data will be safe and never lost.
IPFS Distributed Storage
2,720,00040 megapixel photo
36,000720P video
140,00030M lossless music

Product Specifications

Size 20cm * 20cm * 6.8cm
CPU Intel 4 core 2.0GHZ~2.41GHZ
Motherboard Network Port: 1, USB3.0: 1
System Disk 32G SSD
Hard Disk Seagate 3.5 inches 4TB
Power 12V, 4A
Heat Sink Fan: 1
Parts List Power Adapter: 1, Cable: 1