Company Profile

Dake Data Ltd. was founded in year 2017. It's a Internet high-tech enterprise of next generation, and founded by a number of Ph. Doctors graduated from the United States of America. Our headquarter is located in Shenzhen and has branches in the United States and Hong Kong.

We focused on business of IPFS basic network construction. We upgraded the ecological system of the existing HTTP network, to further improve the efficiency of investment, and committed to build a safe, low cost and eternal blockchain cloud storage, to provide a full range of distributed storage, distributed computing and infrastructure to all the blockchain projects, so that to co-construct and co-share the solutions.

Now Dake Data Ltd. has received millions of dollars of angel investments from Mr. Xue Manzi, PLUTUS VC, Innoangel Fund (Hong Kong), Ebula Investment, Principle Management, etc.

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